Secret Sauce of Successful User Research

Season 1 Episode 1

A digital marketer turned UX designer Ram’s research at FreshWorks resulted in a 30% increase in adoption of Freshdesk Team Dashboard. He has collaborated with the leadership teams, designers and developers to build the JOOL an iOS and Android app where he and his partner did over 100+ hours of usability testing.


  1. Ram’s journey towards becoming a user research professional.
  2. His role in product development.
  3. Why should companies focus on user research and what is its role in developing products?
  4. Beginner’s guide to user research.
  5. UX Research toolkit the major do’s and don’ts.
  6. Making sense of quantitative data through user research.
  7. How to build a beta list and influence product direction through customer calls.
  8. Advice on becoming a user research professional.

Anjan Bhojaraj

Head of Product for HealthifyMe