Healthifyme Story - Becoming a Global Phenomenon

Anjan has been busy changing the world from being the founder of HypeDis, a hyperlocal discovery app to being the Vice President, Growth and Head of Product at HealthifyMe.
"Your work ethic is as contagious as a yawn. Now go change the world."


  • Role in bringing this product to life
  • Challenges in growing and scaling the user base from pan India to worldwide
  • When should a company start acquiring users outside its dempgraphics?
  • The 4 revenue vertices that helped to achieve this substantial expansion?
  • Take on product innovation and growth.
  • Growth vs innovation and product fails?
  • Ria the world's first AI coach.
  • Dealing with existing vs upcoming markets?
  • How does global expansion tie into this mix?
  • Where do our listeners can go hunting for to indulge in this world of understanding product scaling?

Anjan Bhojaraj

Head of Product for HealthifyMe