PM Fundamentals for Innovations

Season 1 Episode 6

Ketan has 12 years of industry experience with 7+ in product management. He has worked across Telecom, Fintech, Real Estate Tech, Retail and E-comm domains. His top achievement has been increasing adoption of data analytics which significantly improved operational efficiency and bottom line. 

In this interesting podcast, he talks about inculcating mindset and processes to drive innovations in products.  He also provides examples to throw light on some key aspects of product adoption.


  1. We find many popular frameworks for product managers. What are the frameworks or mental models that you most often find useful in practice?
  2. What all things you do user research like mailing to approach or you meet them in-person what kind of data you look into it?
  3. As a PM if you launching a feature of how long you should look ahead to adopt that feature?
  4. Execution is everything – what is your process to get things done when different teams involved?

Ketan Gandhi

Product Manager