Maximizing Organic Leads With Multi-channel Marketing

Season 1 Episode 3

Gokul Suresh has been with Whatfix for about 5 years now, prior to which he was with an EduTech company. He joined as the 1st marketer of Whatfix and now they are about 170 people.
“He has built the entire marketing array of Whatfix from scratch and specializes in lead generation over multiple channels.”


  1. Gokul what does marketing mean to you personally or professionally.
  2. How competitive is the marketing industry at this stage?
  3. What are a few skills that a marketer must possess in 2019 ?
  4. How was your first 60 days at whatfix. What were the challenges you faced and share some memorable experiences with us?
  5. How does a day in the life of Gokul suresh look like?
  6. So to begin with tell me how you even discover and unbox new growth channels for Inbound marketing?
  7. How much time does it take for you to master a new marketing channel?
  8. How do you experiment with new marketing channels is it an incremental experimentation or do you start generating content for all the channels and see what’s giving results for you ?
  9. And how does one go about engaging with prospects at apt intervals with multi-touch marketing?
  10. How do you pave the path to creating legacy authority content that matters and generates leads
  11. What is your suggestion to marketing teams who are lean on Marketing budget?
  12. There are multiple apps and softwares out there in the market please share a few goods apps that you have liked in your marketing career ?
  13. Can you give us a checklist for organizing webinars/interviews and making them successful repeatedly
  14. Gokul can you talk about the complete process of making Quora an engine of lead generation and referral traffic
  15. What is one thing that has helped shape you into the avenger you are today.

Gokul Suresh

Marketing Manager