Healthifyme Story - Becoming a Global Phenomenon

Season 1 Episode 2

Anjan has been busy changing the world from being the founder of HypeDis, a hyperlocal discovery app to being the Vice President, Growth and Head of Product at HealthifyMe.
“Your work ethic is as contagious as a yawn. Now go change the world.”


  1. Role in bringing this product to life
  2. Challenges in growing and scaling the user base from pan India to worldwide
  3. When should a company start acquiring users outside its dempgraphics?
  4. The 4 revenue vertices that helped to achieve this substantial expansion?
  5. Take on product innovation and growth.
  6. Growth vs innovation and product fails?
  7. Ria the world’s first AI coach.
  8. Dealing with existing vs upcoming markets?
  9. How does global expansion tie into this mix?
  10. Where do our listeners can go hunting for to indulge in this world of understanding product scaling?

Anjan Bhojaraj

Head of Product for HealthifyMe